Business-Growth-Bar-Chart-smallMany business owners wake up one day to the realization that their businesses are no longer small. With revenues in the millions and a sizable payroll their responsibilities have increased ten-fold. New decisions are constantly being made that include:

  • Re-evaluating employee benefits (insurance, pension plans and other perks)
  • Obtaining increased bank financing and preparing for a financial audit
  • Implementing a high-end accounting software system with good internal controls
  • Designing a viable succession plan for family owned businesses
  • Planning for a buyout, merger or acquisition

With size comes complexity. Now more than ever these companies require professional advice. They need advice in planning for the future as well as dealing with current issues. Skody Scot & Company, CPAs has helped many of their clients move to the next level. The firm has been instrumental in obtaining favorable bank loans from several leading New York City banks for new equipment purchases and office expansion. It has developed realistic financial budgets for controlling costs and maximizing revenue. And through its professional affiliations and relationships, it has helped its clients obtain qualified staff, affordable office space, low cost insurance and investment products. In effect, it uses all available resources to help clients solve a variety of problems and achieve their ultimate goals.