istockphoto consultant 1 pictureThe consulting professionals at Skody Scot & Company are trained to be proactive and help their clients plan for the unexpected and the future.  They do this by understanding the uniqueness of each organization and incorporating its goals and objectives with the constraints of the marketplace.  With their knowledge and experience they help their clients see the “big picture” so they can best utilize their resources to achieve the best possible result.  In addition to assistance with tactical and strategic planning, Skody Scot & Company’s consulting professionals provide the following services or assistance with:

  • Tax exemption applications (1023, 1024)
  • Organization or Endowment dissolution
  • Budget development & reporting
  • Support/advocacy during regulatory audits

  • Developing policy and procedure manuals
  • Restatement of tax exempt status
  • Hiring qualified accounting & financial staff
  • Being a sounding-board for management & BODs

Accounting Software

ComputerScreenSpreadsheetMost people today understand the importance of accounting software to properly track and report on an Organization’s financial activity.  However, there are misconceptions as to which accounting software to use and the proper way to setup and configure the chart of accounts. For example some common misconceptions are that anyone who is computer literate can properly configure a system and that the chart of accounts structure is easily modifiable.  These and other misunderstands can create pitfalls that can haunt an organization for many years and hinder a smooth functioning financial information system. The professionals at Skody Scot & Co. take a bottom-up approach to assisting their clients in choosing and configuring an accounting program.  By taking the time to analyze their clients’ needs, the correct program can be selected and the appropriate configuration implemented.